Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Refresh your favourite spot in the house with the best upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne.

Sofas, couches, hung chairs, lounge suits tend to be the centre of attraction of your spaces. If you regularly have guests, family and friends over or have a pet in your home, then your upholstery houses a lot more dirt than what you can see with your naked eye. The normal daily use of these upholstery pieces have dirt deeply lodged within that can destroy the look and feel of the fabric. Polar Cleaning provides the best upholstery cleaning in Melbourne for over 10 years to help you deal with this stress. Having a highly-equipped and trained team, Polar Cleaning has an edge over other companies that provide cleaning services. We professionally clean upholstery to let your expensive furniture look newer for longer.

The upholstery in your house is made out of various fabrics and requires regular cleaning and protection from dirt, dust and foul odour. Not many are accustomed to proper cleaning techniques for different kinds of upholstery hence hampering its quality. Our expert upholstery cleaners carry out prior inspection and classify the cleaning requirements before providing upholstery cleaning in Melbourne. We also provide upholstery steam cleaning, which leaves less moisture, fights allergens and bacteria while adding years to your furniture.
Once the upholstery cleaning process is complete, we condition and dry it to avoid any sticky feeling, giving your upholstery a more polished look.

The expert cleaners at Polar Cleaning provide quality upholstery cleaning in Melbourne with 100% care, effort, and attention to detail.

Why use our services for Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne?

  • We clean your expensive furniture with care using professional cleaning equipment
  • Our cleaning experts can do a pre-assessment and help you decide if your upholstery needs cleaning.
  • We use special cleaning methods like upholstery steam cleaning for upholstery cleaning in Melbourne. We propose this technique for upholstery cleaning as it helps extract the dirt and excess moisture from the various fabrics.
  • Our cleaning experts make sure to eliminate all the health hazards and threatening pollutants from your house
  • Upholstery cleaning by polar Cleaning does not only make your chairs, couches, cushions and sofas look brand new but it also helps them extend their life along with the furniture smelling fresh and pleasant.

Polar Cleaning offers quality and affordable upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne and its suburbs. To book our services or to get a FREE quote, please contact us on 0403 399 879 or mail us at info@polarcleaning.com.au.