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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Domestic and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Manually rubbing, washing and drying carpets incorrectly can destroy the look and feel of your lovely carpets. Our cleaning experts are equipped and experienced to ensure that your carpets are left clean and refreshed using the right carpet cleaning techniques. Having consistently pleased our customers with quality, professional carpet steam cleaning and carpet cleaning, we are proud to be the best carpet cleaners in Melbourne.

We offer trusted domestic carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning in Melbourne that is affordable and reliable. Our professional carpet cleaning services are extended to Melbourne and the outer suburbs. The specialized services we provide include carpet cleaning and carpet dry cleaning, depending on your cleaning requirements. Paired with quality carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning services, we have packages customized to meet your requirements.

Why choose Polar Cleaning for carpet cleaning in Melbourne?

Polar Cleaning provides quality and the best carpet cleaning in Melbourne without hampering the safety of the dwellers of the house. We ensure safe carpet cleaning by using harmless, premium products and solutions to keep your family, friends and pets healthy. The best carpet steam cleaning service is what you will receive when you employ our professional carpet cleaners, giving you an experience that goes above and beyond the usual service you might receive from other cleaners.

Leave it to the trusted Polar Cleaning as we take care of all your carpet cleaning needs. You can reach us by calling on 0425 399 879.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services include:


Pre-Vacuum Clean

: It removes the surface dust and dirt using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.



Spot Removal

: All the spots and stains are treated individually with appropriate cleansing agents. (Please note that some stains may be impossible to remove completely)


Shampoo Application

: A specially formulated natural shampoo is sprayed evenly over your carpet which bonds with the dirt and breaks it down.



: The shampoo is gently massaged and washed into the fibres of your carpet.


Hot water rinse

: Your carpet is rinsed clean thoroughly with hot water, removing dirt and odour from deep-down


Fast drying

: All the excess moisture is extracted to help your carpet dry more quickly.



: A deodoriser is applied to neutralise the natural carpet odour and freshen it up.



: Your carpet is groomed to lift the pile and give an ‘all-new’ appearance.

If you are looking at moving houses, consider getting a carpet steam cleaning done. We also offer several other home cleaning packages that can get your house looking cleaner and newer in record-time.

For quality cleaning and professional service, call Polar Cleaning. We also offer emergency carpet cleaning services in Melbourne. Book a cleaning day and contact us on our 24/7 calling lines - 0425 399 879 or email us at or use our convenient online booking form. We are available from Mondays to Saturdays, 8:00 AM till 6:30 PM for all our customers