School Cleaning Services in Melbourne

A healthy mind needs a clean environment to flourish

A clean and stimulating environment is a must for our children to learn and grow. Clean surroundings in educational institutions are indispensable to protect the kids from lurking germs, dirt. To prevent the consequences of these vagaries, it is essential to get the school regularly cleaned and that’s why we are here with the best school cleaning services in Melbourne. While the children are working their way towards their future is our duty to provide them with a clean and healthy environment to support their dreams and Polar Cleaning is here to help you with that.

Why choose Polar Cleaning for School Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

At Polar Cleaning, we understand that childcare centres, kindergartens and schools are spots of learning, creativity and happiness. We also understand the duties and responsibilities of the institutions in keeping the students, teachers and families safe. To fulfil all your cleaning requirements, Polar Cleaning has special school cleaning services packages for you.

Children love to be active and on their feet all the time and so do we! Being the business owners, we understand the need for thorough cleaning and high level of quality control and therefore we carry some of the school cleaning in Melbourne ourselves. Polar Cleaning believes in maintaining strict hygiene standards in a children’s environment.

Our special team of trained school cleaners take great responsibility in their work and harbour over 10 years of experience in the field. The expertise and the ace school cleaning services have deemed Polar Cleaning as the leading school cleaning services in Melbourne’s educational institutions.

Our team of special cleaners are professionally trained to take up school cleaning services in Melbourne. Their expertise ensures that your school cleaning is in safe hands. We are driven to provide a personal and honest service, giving foremost priority to our clients. Polar Cleaning offers school cleaning services you can always rely on.



  • Cleaning of lavatory basins by expert cleaners
  • Clean inside and outside around the sinks
  • Cleaning taps
  • Refill toilet dispensers in all cubicles
  • Wipe tiles
  • Polish mirrors
  • Wipe paintwork
  • Empty black sacks/rubbish bins
  • Clean and mop floors with appropriate cleaner and bleach as instructed

Classrooms/ Group Rooms / Music Room/ Staff Room/ Offices/ Meeting Rooms and Library Areas

  • Vacuuming of the areas
  • Hard flooring – dust control sweep or vacuum, damp mop
  • Furniture/desks – damp dust
  • Fixtures & fittings – dust and damp wipe (incl. skirting, pipes, window ledges)
  • Bins – empty daily and damp wipe monthly
  • Clean inside and outside surrounds of sinks
  • Doors – remove marks from glass, doors and walls
  • Cleaning telephones


  • Hard flooring- sweeping and vacuuming for dust controlling, damp mopping
  • Damp dust furniture and desks
  • Dust and damp wipe fixtures and fittings including skirting, pipes and window ledges
  • Polish door handles
  • Remove marks from glass, doors and walls


  • Vacuuming of carpets
  • Dust control sweeping or vacuuming and damp mopping the hard flooring
  • Damp dust furniture desks
  • Dust and damp wipe fixtures and fittings including skirting, pipes and window ledges
  • Remove marks from glass, doors and walls
  • Clean and disinfect the inside and outside of the sinks with a proper cleaner
  • Wipe and disinfect all work surfaces, kitchen units and tiles
  • Polish mirrors
  • Wipe window sills
  • Clean lavatory basin with proper cleaning agents
  • Clean and mop floor
  • Clean telephones

  • Term break duties
  • Cleaning of inside windows
  • Polishing and stripping
  • Removal of major wall marks
  • General dusting and wipe over surfaces
  • Vacuuming, mopping and sanitizing of floors


  • Christmas break duties
  • Cleaning of all windows from inside and outside
  • Polishing and stripping
  • Removal of major wall marks
  • General dusting and wiping over surfaces
  • Vacuuming, mopping and sanitizing floors
  • High-pressure carpet steam cleaning

*Any other appropriate services required by the Head in Charge

Keeping in mind the green ideology and assigning dedicated workmen, polar Cleaning works towards providing 100% satisfaction and guaranteed results.

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