How To Remove Tough Stains From Carpets?

How To Remove Tough Stains From Carpets?

When you live in a household with pets and kids, or you’re just generally a clumsy person – carpet stains are not an uncommon thing. Perhaps your pet is bringing in muddy paw prints or your kids are prone to spilling juice? Well, we know one thing’s for sure… Stains don’t look good, and can sometimes leave a nasty smell!

And handling these stains can be a difficult task.

Transforming homes with our carpet and house cleaning services for years, we have brought this article to hopefully bring you some helpful tips to get your carpet stay clean and fresh.

Before we begin, remember that scrubbing the carpet really hard won’t necessarily make the stain go away, but it sure will help damage your carpet or other materials! Whenever you find a stain, gently blot or dab at it. Scrubbing it can allow the stain to flow through the carpet fibres and make it look even worse.

Tea/ coffeee

Unsightly brown tea and coffee stains can often feel impossible to remove from your carpet. But we have found a great solution, and the solution is beer. Beer has got some surprisingly good stain removal abilities – simply pour the beer onto the material and the stain should slowly disappear. In the case that it’s fading, but not completely gone, try it a couple more times and it should do the trick.


One of the more difficult stains is rust. You can get best results when you apply a carpet stain remover with natural ingredients like lemon and water. Let it sit for a bit before gently dabbing at it with a damp cloth.


Mud not only makes your house look dirty, but feel dirty as well. After giving it time to dry, we would suggest vacuuming the excess dirt, then dabbing at it with a solution of detergent mixed with lukewarm water.


Start with blotting a paper towel on the area till the paper stops picking up excess oil.

Pour alcohol over it and blot with a clean cloth.If this process does not work, mix dishwashing liquid and water and dab on the stain.


Ink spills can be a nightmare to clean! But it can be tackled with the use of alcohol. Simply pour a small amount onto the affected area, and when damp, gently blot at it. Definitely make sure you don’t rub this one, because we can promise you that it won’t be pretty! Alternatively, you can try the salt method. Pour salt around the affected area, let it sit for a while and fully vacuum the salt next day.


Whether it’s cooking grease or machinery grease that needs to be removed, this method is something you can do when removing grease stains from carpet. A solution of mild liquid dish soap and warm water can do wonders on grease. You can use carpet stain remover too.

Now, there are different kinds of rugs too like the natural and synthetic ones and both follows separate procedures. To understand their easy carpet stain solution, talk to our professional cleaners offering carpet cleaning services in Melbourne.

Find expert help

Whenever you walk on the carpet and find any stain, spill or dirt you just want to get rid of it as soon as possible. The stains can be annoying at times, and doing it on own can be frustrating. So if you’re in need of expert stain removal, contact Polar Cleaning for professional help. Visit us at or call our office for domestic cleaning services prices at 0425 399 879.