Top 3 cleaning tips for the Perfect Move-In!

It's not pleasant living in a house that isn't clean. With the process of moving from house to house itself already being such a taxing job - what is worse than living in a dirty house is moving into a new house that's just as dirty!

Though it can be pain, we've created a list of tips below to help you clean for a perfect and fresh move in!

  1. Start from top down and from the inside out

Starting to clean from lower level surfaces is a waste of time and energy because when you move up all that dirt and dust will fall anyway. The same applies for when cleaning out rooms. Start inside the room first and make your way out so that you don't end up dirtying the areas you cleaned again.

  1. Vacuuming and mopping

We recommend vacuuming all carpet and soft flooring to catch the hidden dirt and dust particles. If you have the attachment, vacuum the hard flooring too. Otherwise, with some nice anti-bacterial floor solutions, mop the hard floor with the windows open to allow for a nice air dry.

  1. Wipe down everything with a sponge and hot water

With an all-purpose cleaner, hot water and sponge, wipe down all surfaces such as cabinet doors, closets, table tops and counters. The hot water makes the surfaces gleam, the sponge removes grime and dirt and the all-purpose cleaner removes bacteria.