How to maintain your hall, stairs and landing carpets

How to maintain your hall, stairs and landing carpets

When you first moved in you remembered your carpets were beige right? Now they are grey and brown.

If you have carpet, you would know how easily that it can catch dirt and debris when left unmaintained. This leads to the dirt and stains becoming more noticeable over time.

The hall, stairs and landing carpet are three sections of your house that probably rack in the most amount of foot traffic, and when left uncleaned it increases hygiene issues and health problems. However, they are the most overlooked because we usually prioritise our bedrooms and lounge rooms more than these small stretches of carpet.

In addition, leaving these areas maintained can really devalue the overall property selling price. This is because after a certain point, the carpet itself would become too damaged by the traffic that even after excessive cleaning, it won’t look any better. So it is important to always stay on top of cleaning and keeping all and every piece of carpet in your house well maintained.

We recommend cleaning your hall, stairs and landing carpets every 6 -12 months, not only by vacuum or even dry cleaning – but by a professional. Hire a professional carpet cleaning service to ensure the longevity of your carpets helping them stay odourless, feeling fresh and cleaning for longer.