How to remove the 5 Most Common Carpet Stains?

How to remove the 5 Most Common Carpet StainsThe house cleaning services in Melbourne use products that are safe when used and stored according to the instructions provided on the label. When you really want to clean house by yourself, then there are few do’s and don’ts to follow. Before starting any task ensure to read and follow the label instructions cautiously. Here are a few straightforward precautions to avoid accidents from happening:



  • Always read and follow label instructions for proper use, storage and disposal.
  • Store cleaning products in an area which is away from young children or pets.
  • Store products as per instructions and in their original containers and keep the product’s label intact, henceforth, at the time of next cleaning you can refer.
  • To prevent accidental spills, put cleaning products back to the place immediately after removing the amount needed for the cleaning job.
  • Keep and store the buckets containing cleaning solutions out of the reach of young children.
  • House cleaning services in Melbourne properly closes all containers, especially those with child-resistant caps.
  • Start cleaning from top to bottom. Take on one area and focus on deep cleaning of that particular area at that time. By this way your house will be systematically organised.
  • Get family members involved in cleaning so that the cleaning task is divided equally. This way it benefits in saving time and energy.



  • Mixing different cleaning products like as bleach with ammonia. Products which are safe when used alone or with water and can cause the dangerous fumes if mixed with other products.
  • Reusing any empty household cleaning product container for any other purpose is dangerous.
  • The label instructions and precautions for the house cleaning product may be inaccurate, dangerous if used for a different cleaning product.
  • of lease cleaning service providers in Melbourne do not use laundry stain remover on carpets. This will adversely affect on carpet and damage permanently.
  • Only dusting will not be useful as it will scratch the finish of the furniture.
  • Don’t over look the small items.
  • Don’t try to do house cleaning at all at once. This is the big mistake to clean your house in one go.


The house cleaning services in Melbourne implements these do’s and don’ts that really works to provide the best and quality results in less time. Hiring the best professionals for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne is the best option to get your house clean and focus on other critical task.