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Apartment Cleaning Services Melbourne

Polar cleaning services offering Apartment cleaning services in Melbourne

Introducing a first-class apartment cleaning services Melbourne at competitive prices
Polar cleaning services started a program considered for condominiums and apartments in Melbourne. We have introduced special offers and tailored pricing for residents, apartments who register with us for weekly or bi-weekly services.

How does our apartment cleaning services in Melbourne work?

We start off with a systematic detail-clean right through your home with the procedure in two steps. In the first step, our team member will systematically clean your apartment, carefully starting from kitchen to bathrooms, then cleans bedrooms, living & sleeping area. In the second step, we will clean your complete apartment and this time we give special attention to in-detail cleaning services in your other rooms like sleeping and living areas, kids’ corner and carpets. This will help us to maintain a clean level throughout your apartment. We specially work on cleaning carpets thoroughly and give you a quality service by removing dirt, dust and spots from your expensive carpet, without losing its colors.

Each time we clean, we'll be offering you services that consist of:

Washrooms and Bathrooms:

We work on removing Cobwebs, dusting, cleaning floors, washrooms, mirrors and chrome furniture, showers & shower door, tile walls, bathtub and many more parts that comes in your Bathrooms.

Kids rooms or Bedrooms:

Don’t risk your health! Let it be your bedroom or kids’ bedrooms or sleeping areas, they need to be fresh and hygienic from beds to carpets. We work from hand wiping surfaces, cleaning floors, ceilings & wide-range of dusting, removing cobwebs to spotless cleaning doors and door frames. We have also included carpet and mattress cleaning services in our apartment cleaning services in Melbourne.

Living Rooms:

Living rooms, where your family comes together or you like to spend time with each other! They should be cleaned and dust free as you and your kids’ have this special place to play, eat together and do lots to things. We start working on hand wiping Surfaces, ceilings, removing cobwebs and spotless cleaning of carpets, windows, window frames, doors, door frames and floors, universal dusting and many more cleaning that would make your home look more better and cleaned.


The place where you like to cook delicious food for your cheeky kiddies and for your family! So here we work in cleaning Countertops, top and front of range, dripping pans, wiping glass top surfaces, cleaning and shinning your sinks and chrome, cleaning all appliances from front side & wiping Microwave, universal dusting, removing cobwebs and cleaning many more parts like doors, windows, door frames, window frames etc.

Please contact your Polar cleaning office for more details and cost information or give us call for quotes. Our friendly staffs are available 24 by 7 to assist you.